About Us

What is Clean Theory?

An unparalleled clean that enhances the appearance of the vehicle and protects the paint at a molecular level. Superior results while reducing the environmental impact that comes with a standard car wash.

What makes clean Theory Work?

  • The latest in-car wash equipment technologies
  • Carbon footprint reduction practices include:

    • Water recycling
    • Water retention
    • Energy conservation
  • Cutting-edge chemistries that provide longer-lasting clean and are easier on the environment.

We're Hiring!

Every position at Clean Theory comes with a real purpose and opportunity to improve someone’s mood.

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Our beliefs

We believe in constant innovation and development that everything we do or try should increase the quality of the wash or enhance the customer’s experience.

  • Deliver Outstanding Results
  • Evolve and Adapt
  • Operate with Transparency
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Make Something Better for Today