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Test the Theory

Clean Theory Car Wash located in Fort Worth, Texas, is creating a wash experience that is challenging the status quo. We are taking the industry by storm by delivering a tech-centric car wash.

From app integration to the latest flat belt conveyor system, this wash is delivering the next generation of car care.

Wash Packages

Technology Behind it

The Clean Theory


Our Wash Packages

At Clean Theory we propose washing your car at least once a week. With our unlimited plan, you can achieve that with one low monthly price!

  • Wash as often as you like for less than the cost of 2 washes
  • Automatic billing
  • No contracts
  • Contact-free entry
  • Hassle-free online cancellation

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Family PLans

Allow the entire family to test the theory with Clean Theory Car Wash Family Plans!

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Technology Behind Clean Theory

Our mission is to enhance and simplify the customer’s experience through the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment while reducing strain and impact on the environment.


Fusion Bath

An immersive bath that provides a deep clean.


Fusion Prime

Enhances the shine on all surfaces.


Fusion Rinse

A waterfall rinse that prepares the vehicle for the ultimate seal.


Fusion Seal

A showroom shine paint sealant.


Fusion Wax

High quality carnauba wax that protects and shines.


Fusion Rain Repel

Forces water to bead up and roll off.


Wheel Clean

Keeps wheels looking brand new.


Tire Shine

Gives tires that new wet look that last..


Underbody Rinse

Prevents rusting underneath the car.


Triple Conditioner

Enhances the color while breaking up dirt.


Ceramic X3

A 3 step layering shield that is resistant to dirt and road contaminants to give a long-lasting shine.


Buff and Dry

Leaves the car free from water spots.

Our Location

 3500 N Tarrant Parkway

Fort Worth, TX 76177


Hours of Operation

Monday through Saturday: 7:00am to 7:00pm

Sunday: 8:00am to 6:00pm